The Best Version of You is Waiting..... Accountability Is Key


The Best Version of You is Waiting..... Accountability Is Key

Hello everybody!

I hope you had a wonderful 2014 and that you are off to a great start in 2015!  My 2014 flew by, fastest year ever! For good reason. It was full of exciting accomplishments, adventures, and joy!  A new career, new business, new house, and a new nephew to name a few of my highlights!  A girl couldn't ask for much more, but I'm going to, so keep reading! 

Whether you read my newsletter, cook recipes from my website, browse my Nature's Pathway's articles, attend my Wellness Workshops, "like" my Facebook page or are a past or present client,  you are supporting me and my passion to help my friends, family, neighbors, and community live their best lives!  2015 starts my second year as a Holistic Health Coach and I want to fill it up with accountability & gratitude.  Who is with me???

First, a definition worth reading to get us in the right mindset:


"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
If your resolution every year is to lose weight then maybe you resonate with Albert Einstein's definition of Insanity.  Have you already lost the battle one week in to this new year?  Are you ready to make some LIFESTYLE changes instead of fighting those never-ending battles with yourself? Have you thought of what works for youinstead of what your best friend or co-worker told you worked for them?  It all goes back to creating SMART goals, but let me help you keep it simple and creative.  Here are a few questions to answer to help you make smarter, actionable goals this year:

  • Who are 2-3 people you want to be the best version of yourself for? Think of who depends on you or who you depend on, people you are grateful for, who you want to grow closer to.
  • Ask yourself or these specific people what they love most about you?Seriously, go ask them yourself!
  • Ask yourself what do you want to be for these people? Energetic?  Happy?  Light on your feet?  Creative?  Spontaneous?  Nurturing? Well-informed?
  • How will you be these things? Will you go to bed earlier?  Will you make healthy lunches?  Will you create a monthly ritual with yourself or this person? Will you educate yourself and use more whole foods?  Will you drink less caffeine and more water?
  • Formulate these answers into your action items for 2015, actions that help you become the best version of yourself!

Second, hold yourself accountable this year and beyond. 

In my recent article in Nature's Pathways I discuss how as a Health Coach, I am basically an accountability buddy.  If you want to try out something new but fear holds you back, allow me to try that "something new "with you or I will wait to hear from you after with your results. As a Health Coach I listen to your goals and then we figure out your deeper desires in life and then we implement changes and challenges that enable you to take small action steps.  Action is key.  Accountability makes action easier.  If you tell me weight loss is a goal of yours, I might ask you, What has worked before? What are your reasons for losing weight? Who do you want to lose weight for? How do you want to lose weight.?  If you tell me that cooking is daunting or you are intimidated by a healthy food section at a grocery store, I can cook with you and shop with you.  If you tell me that you are too busy or too poor to be healthy, we will find a way together to be healthy if that is what you want.  Whatever it takes to conquer your fears, put your goals into action, and fulfill your desires to be the best version of yourself, we will make it happen!

Third, take action! 

Find that accountability partner, attend my workshop on Accountability, write down a goal and then go do something that puts you closer to accomplishing it. (Bonus if you keep me informed!)

Good luck and stay well in 2015!

Keep reading for more good stuff from my contributions to Nature's Pathways magazine:
Egg-a-licious tips and recipes

Egg-a-licious tips and recipes


Eggs alone are so versatile and nutritious, and so dependable for any meal. Buying eggs, however, can be very confusing for the health-conscious consumer. Labels like “all-natural,” “free-range,” “grass-fed” and “organic” all sound healthy, but the best way to know which eggs to buy is to know your farmer. Just like any animal protein, the health conscious consumer knows how his or her food is produced. Below are some simple recipes for eggs made to order. Use fresh eggs for the best results and don’t be scared to eat the yolk!


Beat 4 eggs, ¼ cup milk and ground pepper in a bowl until blended. Meanwhile, heat 2 teaspoons butter in a skillet until hot. Add in egg mixture. As eggs set, pull, lift and fold until no liquid remains.


Heat 2 teaspoons butter in skillet over medium-high heat. Crack eggs (hint: eggs hold their shape if broken in a small cup first) into pan. Turn heat to low and cook until whites set and yolk begins to harden. Flip egg and cook until desired doneness.

Hard boiled:

Place eggs in a saucepan large enough to hold them in a single layer. Add cold water just enough to cover eggs. Heat over high heat until boiling. Remove from heat. Cover, let eggs stand in hot water about 15 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water.


Boil a couple inches of water in a saucepan. Keep liquid simmering gently. Gently crack eggs one at a time into a small bowl or cup. Hold the dish close to surface of water and slip egg into water. Cook eggs until whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard. Lift eggs from water with slotted spoon. Sprinkle with ground pepper.

Basic French Omelet:

Crack eggs into a bowl with a pinch of pepper. Beat with a fork. Add 1 teaspoon of butter to a hot skillet. Add your eggs and move the pan around to spread them out. When the omelet begins to firm but is still raw on top, sprinkle any added ingredients. Use a spatula to ease around the edge of the omelet. Fold in half. When it starts to brown underneath, remove from the heat and serve.

Warm up this winter and step out of the box and serve a poached egg on delicious Ribollita Soup (recipe from Eating Well):

Warm ½ cup olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add 2 diced carrots, 2 diced celery stalks, 2 chopped red-skinned potatoes and 1 diced onion. Cook stirring for 7 minutes. Add 3 diced tomatoes, 1 bunch shredded kale, and ½ head shredded cabbage. Add 6 cups chicken broth and boil. Decrease heat, cover pot, and simmer 1 hour, 15 minutes. Stir in 1 (15.5oz) can drained and rinsed cannellini beans. Let soup cool 30 minutes, bring back to a simmer. Brush 8 slices stale bread with olive oil and bake in a 375-degree oven until crisp. Flipping once after 5 minutes. Put 1 slice per bowl and pour soup over. Top with fresh basil and a poached egg.

Accountability in 2015

It’s a fact: many Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but only 22 percent of those resolutions make it to February, according to a Washington University study. What can you do differently this year to beat the odds?
Take a step back and ask yourself what has been most challenging and most rewarding when striving to reach your health goals. Instead of setting yourself up for failure or a self-depriving year (or a couple of months), ask yourself how you can turn your life’s deepest desires into resolutions that last not just for a year, but for a lifetime!
Accountability for one’s actions is one of the best ways to accomplish one’s goals. Trying out new exercises and products with a friend or family member is a great way to stay motivated, but sometimes when life gets in the way, it’s difficult to keep the other person on track. What if you had an accountability partner who provided a personalized program to help you improve your overall joy and health?
A quality holistic health coach will listen very carefully to help you navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you. A holistic health coach differs from a nutritionist in that they look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does low energy prevent you from doing things you used to love? Does a stressful job keep you from being a loving spouse or prevent you from maintaining a healthy weight? Their approach does not dwell on calories, carbs, fats and proteins. Deprivation and restriction are not on their vocabulary list. While dieticians administer nutrition in medical settings, a holistic health coach is an accountability partner and supportive mentor. They have a broad understanding of the principals of good nutrition and support clients with their health goals and empower them to make lasting changes in their behavior and style.*
So, are you stuck in a rut of the processed, convenient, fast way of life? Got picky eaters in the family? Confused about clean eating? Want to feel great in your body? For 2015, I ask you to consider how you will spend your time and money. Will you throw hundreds of dollars out of the window on products that will give you fast, short-term results or on gym memberships that will not be used regularly? Consider contacting a holistic health coach and see how having an accountability partner will help you stick with your health goals and eventually turn these accomplishments into lifestyle habits.


No Excuses! A Roasted Chicken 5 ways and a Small Business Discount!


No Excuses! A Roasted Chicken 5 ways and a Small Business Discount!

Lucky You!  

In the spirit of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday , and Giving Tuesday I wanted to send my December newsletter early with offers from my own Small Business.  

Did you get out and support your local businesses Saturday? Are you thinking of making some changes now before Christmas or for 2015?  Well, I can help with both.  

I will offer the first 5 people that email me a Free Health History Consultation and if they sign up for  a personalized Health Coaching program, I will offer more freebies like discounts on my programs, free admissions to upcoming workshops, or other prizes like a snow-shoeing or cooking adventure! 

I also wanted to link a couple of articles from the December Nature's Pathways magazine.  Lots of inspirational tidbits to get you off your booty and dancing into the new year! 

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, feel free to hand this offer on to someone else.  Here is a link to forward to a friend, co-worker, or relative.  Thanks for sharing!

Roast chicken

Roasted Chicken--How to create 5 easy meals!

Don’t let your normal meals go to the wayside during the holidays. Roasted Chicken provides endless options for quick, nutritious meals to make for those extra family members or to enjoy a quiet evening at home after all of the hustle and bustle of shopping.


  • Purchase a 3- to 5-pound whole chicken at your local grocery store, farmer or butcher.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Remove the giblets if you can find them. Rinse the chicken, pat it dry, rub it with a little olive oil and season with a basic seasoning like salt and pepper, mesquite blend or poultry seasoning.
  • Place the chicken, breast-side up in any oven-safe pan. Put it in the oven for 50 minutes to 2 hours. Timing will depend on the size of the chicken. The chicken is done when the temperature in the thickest part of the thigh registers at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Let the chicken rest for 15 minutes.
  • Carve and shred the chicken into pieces suitable for your meals. Keeps for five days in the refrigerator or three months in the freezer.

Roasted Chicken meal suggestions

  1. Put a cup or two of shredded chicken on the stove top with an organic cream of chicken soup. Heat and stir. Pour over a good biscuit. Serve with a hearty green salad or fresh steamed broccoli.
  2. Toss shredded chicken with sliced almonds, dried cranberries and chopped red onion. Drizzle with some olive oil, Caesar dressing or strawberry vinaigrette. Wrap in a romaine lettuce leaf or half of a pita or wrap. (I recommend Ezekiel bread.)
  3. Keep it simple and even healthier and reheat chicken and toss it on a spinach salad with black beans, red onion and tomato.
  4. Toss together shredded chicken, cooked quinoa or brown rice, and diced tomatoes. Stuff in large bell peppers. Pour marinara sauce over them. Heat in a crockpot, microwave or oven.
  5. Make two whole chickens with instructions above. Shred one completely and freeze. Enjoy the other whole chicken in pieces: drumsticks, thighs and wings. Make sure the rest of your plate is all green vegetables!